Dance teachers with great experience in the field of Greek traditional dances and participations in performances at national level, teach and carry out research in the Student Dance Association. Furthermore, it is worth mentioning teacher’s involvement in folklore conferences, seminars and researches in both Greece and abroad.

The initial founding members were the following six from which only the last two are now active:

Konstantinou Dimitra ( Partheni, Arkadia)

Antoniou Stavros ( Varvari, Chios)

Antoniou Stelios ( Varvari, Chios)

Paraskevopoulos Christos ( Gortynia, Arkadia)

Pardalis Nikos ( Kremasti, Lakonia)

Psarros Apostolis ( Koronos, Naxos)

The following teachers also contribute in the teaching:

Papanikolaou Kyriaki ( Logothetianika, Kythira)

Christakou Charting ( Peristeri Laconia)

Karakonstantis Foivos (Koronos, Naxos)