The idea of forming the Student Dancing Association came to reality in 1999. A group of experienced students in performing and teaching traditional Greek dances in various societies across the country met in National Technical University of Athens. Their urging desire to observe and teach only the authentic Greek tradition as exactly is, gave birth to an independent performing group called Student Dancing Association (HOF). The group in 2004 became officially an association based initially in Galatsi, Athens and later in Koronos, Naxos island.

The initial goals of the Society were set as:

  1. preservation, recover and propagation of the Greek cultural heritage
  2. research and teaching of the original Greek traditional dances and events (focus is on Greek islands)
  3. setting up a performing team of professional character
  4. organising and participating in educational seminars with the aim to develop specialisation and deeper knowledge per geographical area
  5. as the Greek traditional music is interdependent of the Greek dancing tradition, the introduction of a music band became apparent.

The main core of HOF has always been the student community from the start which is responsible for the propagation and continuation of the Greek cultural heritage. This young crowd with an enthusiasm on acquiring critical acclaimed information and knowledge, has been the source of association’s recruitment from its birth.

The association all these years has shown a strong presence in this sector with positive reviews and having participated in a numerous performances not only across Greece and abroad but also in TV shows. Finally, our web page endeavours to boost the folklore, music and dancing heritage of Greece.